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'Bosses are unique, powerful enemies. Unlike regular enemies, bosses are not encountered in standard rooms. Instead, they are encountered at pre-determined points in the game. One of three mid-game bosses is encountered after the Tomb level, and the final end-game boss is encountered after Gothic level in the Laboratory.

Mid-game Bosses

One of three mid-game bosses may be encountered. Which boss is encountered is random, and will vary between runs.

Image Enemy Description More information
Dragon.png Dragon A three headed Dragon that shoots fireballs and meteors and causes Fire Bats to spawn. Each head must be destroyed to kill the boss. More information...
Legion-boss.png Legion A boss composed of multiple enemies that must all be killed. Has various unique attacks. More information
Slime Head.png Slime Head Only the middle head must be destroyed. Can spawn multiple enemies, and blow players into a pit at the edge of the room. More information

End-game Boss

The final boss is the Warlock, master of the Dark Castle. He has three forms which must be defeated.

Image Enemy Description More information
Warlock-enemy-1.png Warlock (enemy) Has three forms. Two are encountered in the Laboratory, and the final must be defeated in a battle in the Sky. More information