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There are several Spells and Offhand Weapons that players may find. They are held in the first item slot, which can be accessed by using '1' on a keyboard, or the direction pad on an Xbox 360 controller. They can then be used by pressing 'S' on a keyboard, or 'Y' on an Xbox 360 controller.

Only one spell or offhand weapon can be held at a time.

Spell / Weapon Description More information
Book from the Cabin.png

Book from the Cabin

Curses a nearby enemy, causing a symbol to appear above their head. Multiple enemies can be cursed by casting the spell multiple times. Every hit a player performs on a cursed enemy will be a critical hit, causing significantly more damage than a regular hit. Does not use mana. More information...
Canned Tornado.png

Canned Tornado

Causes the player to spin around and attack in all directions. Uses mana. More information...
Dwarven Contraption.png

Dwarven Contraption

Can be thrown on the ground to produce a raised platform that the player can stand on. It can also be thrown at enemies, trapping them and making them unable to attack. A player can then attack the trapped enemy to kill it. Can be used multiple times. Does not use mana. More information...

Flame Orb

Allows players to cast fireballs at enemies, causing damage. The fireball sets hit enemies on fire, causing damage over a period of several seconds. Uses mana. More information...

Frost Orb

Allows players to cast the Freezing Breath spell. Casting it at an enemy causes a small amount of damage. Casting it at an enemy for 1 - 2 seconds freezes the enemy, preventing them from attacking or moving until they are attacked themselves. The enemy will become unfrozen after around five seconds. Casting it for a shorter amount of time will cause the enemies movement and attacks to slow down for a short period. Uses mana. More information...

Magic Missiles

A spell that releases a swarm of magic projectiles when the cast spell button is held down. These seek out enemies in a room so do not need to be aimed, and cause 20 - 25 damage on impact. Uses mana. More information...