Throwing Axe

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Throwing Axe
Notes Hits all enemies it comes into contact with, causing a large amount of damage.

The Throwing Axe is an item that may be found in Rampage Knights. It can be picked up, then thrown with the 'S' key when using a keyboard, or 'Y' when using an Xbox 360 controller. It hits all enemies it comes in to contact with, causing a large amount of damage.


  • 'A' (Keyboard) / 'B' (Xbox 360 controller): Pick up
  • 'S' (Keyboard) / 'Y' (Xbox 360 controller): Throw


Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward


Hit enemies 25 times with a throwing weapon None

Chop! Chop!

Hit 7 enemies with a single throwing axe Throwing weapon damage +10%