Hat Stand

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The Hat Stand.
The Hat Stand is an item found next to Igor and Igorette's wagon that allow players to choose a hat. Some hats require the completion of Challenges to wear.


Image Hat Challenge
No-hat.png No Hat
Wizard's-Hat.png Wizard's Hat
Wyrd-Sister's-Hat.png Wyrd's Sisters Hat
Wolf-mask.png Wolf Mask
Horny-Helmet.png Horny Helmet
Greek-Helmet.png Greek Helmet
Shaman's-mask.png Shaman's Mask
Jester's-hat.png Jester's Hat
Raider's-helmet.png Raider's Helmet
Knight's-helmet.png Knight's Helmet
Dandy's-helmet.png Dandy's Helmet
Night-Hat.png Night Hat
Iron-hat.png Iron Hat
Ninja's-mask.png Ninja's Mask
Robber's-Hat.png Robber's Hat
Top-Hat.png Top Hat
Steampunk-Helmet.png Steampunk Helmet
Pirate-Hat.png Pirate Hat
Red-Scarf.png Red Scarf
Warm-Wooly-Cap.png Warm Wooly Cap
Antlers.png Antlers Forest shepard
Beer-Cap.png Beer Cap Bar fly
Cook's-Hat.png Cook's Hat
Football-Helmet.png Football Helmet Cannonball
Executioner's-Cap.png Executioner's Cap
Space-helmet.png Space Helmet Gravity is a harsh mistress
Safari-Hat.png Safari Hat Dungeon crawler
Racer's-Helmet.png Racer's Helmet No time to explain
Golden-Crown.png Golden Crown Friendship is magic


  • Version 0.18:
    • New hats: Antlers, Cook's Hat, Safari Hat, Racer's Helmet, Beer Cap, Wyrd Sister's Hat