Haunted Inn

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The Haunted Inn.
The Haunted Inn is a room that can appear in the Courtyard onwards. There are multiple types that may appear.


Contains a few tables, and a barrel of beer that players may interact with to obtain the drunk effect. Enemies and items such as bombs may or may not spawn.

A Suspicious Card Dealer

An Adventurer Playing Cards.
Players may speak with A Suspicious Card Dealer to start playing cards. Choosing a card may grant a Disease. The Card Dealer will disappear when the player stops playing. It contains a keg that players can drink from to cure disease, but also makes the player Drunk. This has a disorienting effect, causing the screen to wobble and the player to sway while moving. It also contains A Suspicious Card Dealer.

Haunted Inn Shop

Haunted Inn Shop.png
Entrance to a Haunted Inn.
Contains a shop that players may buy items from using Gold.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

I love shopping!

Buy 100 items Prices in shops are 15% lower

We are closed

Buy the shop out Shopkeeper gives you a present (works every time)

Bar fly

Find all Haunted Inns (the devil, potion shop and ghosts) Unlocks Beer Cap

Cheat the devil

Turn all cards in the game with the devil Unlocks Demon faces