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Npc igor.png
Notes Allows the player to change their face.

Igor is one of the travellers trapped in the enchanted forest along with the player. He allows players to change their face, choosing from 13 male designs. Igorette, who stands next to Igor, allows players to choose a female design. Interacting with the hat stand next to Igor's wagon will also allow the player to choose from one of 28 hats, or choose none at all. Some hats require the completion of certain Challenges to be able to use.

Igor is a hunched man with a large nose and crooked teeth, wearing a black cloak. He is stood before a wagon stating Igor's travelling surgery.

Appearance Options

Image Appearance
Highland-Savage.png Highland Savage
Wild-Beard.png Wild Beard
Brave-Dwarf.png Brave Dwarf
Angry-Viking.png Angry Viking
Ramirez.png Ramirez
Troll-with-Mohawk.png Troll with Mohawk
Handsome-Hero.png Handsome Hero
Mighty-Mustache.png Mighty Mustache
Tribal-Warrior.png Tribal Warrior
Green-Ogre.png Green Ogre
Emperor-Ming.png Emperor Ming
Leprechaun.png Leprechaun
Santa.png Santa


You revive one tiny corpse and everybody goes nuts. Not fair.

Ever considered two hearts? It helps in battle.

Digging graves under the full moon is so romantic.

Those are very handsome ears. I'll give you 12 gold pieces for those.



  • Version 1.7:
    • Locked faces in appearance menu in the camp show which challenges unlock them.
    • A new female hero: Fish Lady Warrior
    • New hats: Black Sombrero, Bowler, Toadstool Hat, Fez.
    • Fixed a bug where dying with appearance menu opened in the camp could make the player invulnerable.
  • Version 1.2:
    • New faces for female hero. Hat skins hide female hair correctly.
  • Version 0.18:
    • New hats: Antlers, Cook's Hat, Safari Hat, Racer's Helmet, Beer Cap, Wyrd Sister's Hat