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Igor is one of the travellers trapped in the enchanted forest along with the player. She allows players to change their face, choosing from five female designs. Igor, who stands next to Igorette, lets players choose a male design. Interacting with the hat stand next to Igor's wagon will also allow the player to choose from one of 28 hats, or choose none at all. Some hats require the completion of certain Challenges to be able to use.

Appearance Options

Image Appearance
Warrior-Princess.png Warrior Princess
Esme.png Esme
Goth-Girl.png Goth Girl
Zula.png Zula
Anime-Girl.png Anime Girl



  • Version 0.18:
    • New hats: Antlers, Cook's Hat, Safari Hat, Racer's Helmet, Beer Cap, Wyrd Sister's Hat