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Npc jester.png
Description The Mad Jester
Notes Will allow players to change the game difficulty.
Malcorn is one of the travellers trapped in the enchanted forest, along with the player. Players can speak with him to open the Game Difficulty menu. However, this has not been implemented.
The game difficulty screen.

Malcorn has grey hair and a grey mustache, and is wearing a jester's outfit.

Game Difficulty

Difficulty Description
Casual On death you restart at the beginning of the current level. You rest to full health after finishing a level. Vitality bonus +10.
Normal Permadeath - on death you restart in the camp and all the items and upgrades are lost. Default health, vitality, and damage from enemies.
Hard Permadeath. Enemies hit harder and have more health. More enemies in battles.
Insane Permadeath. Enemies hit much harder and have much more health. Vitality penalty -10. Random curse or disease on every level. More spikes and pits.


I'd breeze through those dungeons if only someone lend me a good sword.
Don't look at me. I just work here.
Can you throw a few bucks on this game. I have six kids to feed.
Please, give some money on this game. I have four kids to feed.
You go fight monsters. I will stay here and guard the camp.



  • 0.16: Malcorn can now be interacted with, however the ability to choose the game difficulty is not functional.


  • In the Rampage Knights game files, Malcorn is referred to as 'npc_jester'.
  • Malcorn used to be located further left in the camp.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

Please don't hurt me

Die 5 times Unlocks casual difficulty


Win the game Unlocks hard difficulty
Knight Challenge.png


Win the game on hard difficulty Unlocks the insane difficulty


Win the game on insane difficulty None