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The Shadow World is a special game mode available in Rampage Knights.

Accessing the Shadow World

The Shadow World is only available once the Man of war challenge has been completed. This requires the completion of the following challenges. View their associated articles for tips and information on how to complete them.

  • King - Win the game on Insane difficulty
  • Jack of all trades - Win the game with all classes on Hard or higher.
  • Untouchable - Win the game without dying on Hard of higher.
The Portal to the Shadow World.
Once the Man of war challenge has been completed, the Shadow World can be accessed by interacting with the Rune Panel in the north of The Camp, choosing the Shadow World option then interacting with the Magic Portal. Once entered, the only way to leave the Shadow World is to start a new game.


The Camp in the Shadow World.
The Shadow World has a number of differences compared with regular game modes. Firstly, players are unable to speak with any of the travellers in The Camp. This means that they cannot change any of the game options. In addition, almost everything is randomised. At the start of each location, the player will receive a random Appearance and Hat, as well as randomised Weapons, Equipment, Modifiers and Curses, Diseases and Blessings. When a level is ended, the hero is completely randomised again.
The Enchanted Forest in the Shadow World.
The order of the levels remains the same. For example, the Courtyard will always be after the Enchanted Forest. However, the enemies that can be encountered are completely randomised. This means that it is possible to receive final level enemies in the first room - and vice versa. Decorations are also randomised, for example with pottery appearing in the Enchanted Forest and tree stumps in the Courtyard. Each room is given a colour overlay, making it more difficult to see enemies and items.

The highly randomised nature of the Shadow World means that progression is largely based on luck. Different hero loadouts may make levels extremely easy or extremely difficult.


Tim with the Shadow World option available.
  • The Shadow World was previously entered by speaking to Tim in The Camp.


  • Version 1.7:
    • Shadow World randomization does not save the players' look and class in their profile. When the Shadow World play is finished, the players are reset back to their original appearances.