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Enchanted Forest

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| [[File:Bat Game.png|100px]]
| The Bat is commonly found in the [[Enchanted Forest]] and has a small amount of health. It attacks with melee, and a lightning icon will appear above it's head before attacking, allowing it to be easily dodged. {{BatDescription}}
| [[Bat|More information...]]
| [[File:Archer Game.png|100px]]
| The Archer, as it's name suggests, attacks primarily at range using it's bow and arrow. It also has a relatively slow melee attack where it hits the player, potentially knocking them back. {{ArcherDescription}}
| [[Archer|More information...]]
| [[File:Orc1-Game.jpg|100px]]
| The Orc has both a melee attack, and ranged attack using a [[Throwing Dagger]]. {{OrcDescription}}
| [[Orc|More information...]]
| [[File:Mushroom Man.png|100px]]
[[Mushroom Man]]
| Similar to the [[Skeleton]], the Mushroom Man has both a melee and ranged attack. {{MushroomManDescription}}
| [[Mushroom Man|More information...]]

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