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Enchanted Forest

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[[File:Way-to-Magical-Forest.jpg|thumb|The way to the Magical Forest.]]The '''Magical Forest''', also referred to as '''The Forest''' and '''The Woods''' in an area in [[Rampage Knights]]. It can be accessed by travelling right out of [[The Camp]], following the sign that says "[[Dark Castle]] this way".
[[File:Magical-Forest.jpg|thumb|right|The Magical Forest.]]Players must move through the Magical Forest to reach the [[Dark Castle]], generally moving to the right and down. The levels are roughly linear, and players will constantly move towards the end of the level. However, there are various side rooms that players can explore. Players do not need to defeat all the enemies in a room to move to the next room. The only exception is the final room of the Magical Forest, where players must kill all enemies to enter the [[Dark Castle]].
== Enemies ==

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