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'Bosses are unique, powerful enemies. Unlike regular enemies, bosses are not encountered in standard rooms. Instead, they are encountered at pre-determined points in the game. One of three mid-game bosses is encountered after the Tomb level, and the final end-game boss is encountered after Gothic level in the Laboratory.

Mid-game Bosses

One of three mid-game bosses may be encountered. Which boss is encountered is random, and will vary between runs.

Image Enemy Description More information
Dragon.png Dragon A three headed Dragon that shoots fireballs and meteors and causes Fire Bats to spawn. Each head must be destroyed to kill the boss. More information...
Legion-boss.png Legion A boss composed of multiple enemies that must all be killed. Has various unique attacks. More information
Pits and the Pendulum Multi-phase fight where players must destroy a swinging Pendulum. More information
Slime Head.png Slime Head Only the middle head must be destroyed. Can spawn multiple enemies, and blow players into a pit at the edge of the room. More information

End-game Boss

The final boss is the Warlock, master of the Dark Castle. He has three forms which must be defeated.

Image Enemy Description More information
Warlock-enemy-1.png Warlock (enemy) Has three forms. Two are encountered in the Laboratory, and the final must be defeated in a battle in the Sky. More information