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Boxed.png Kill 10 enemies with the dwarven contraption.

How to beat the challenge

An enemy trapped in a Dwarven Contraption.
Beating this challenge requires use of the Dwarven Contraption item. To kill an enemy with the Dwarven Contraption, players should throw the contraption at the enemy, trapping it. The player can then attack the contraption, damaging the enemy, with the enemy being unable to attack back. Once an enemy has been trapped by a Dwarven Contraption, there is a time limit before it breaks free, so players should kill the enemy before this happens.

The Dwarven contraption cannot be used to trap very large enemies such as Giants, or Bosses. Since throwing the contraption uses mana, any mana boosting effects such as the Power of Magic blessing will prove useful in completing the challenge quickly.


Unlocks Bearded Lady face.