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Chests are objects that can be found randomly in Rampage Knights levels. These chests can contain a variety of items, including treasure, gold, potions, food and weapons. Chests can be opened by Lockpicking them.

Types of Chest

There are several types of chest in Rampage Knights. In order of value, these are:

Image Name
Wooden Chest
Fancy Wooden Chest
Freakin' Huge Golden Chest
Big Treasure Chest.jpg
Big Treasure Chest
Demonic Chest

Higher tier chests are likely to contain better loot.

Demonic Chest

Opening a Demonic Chest will cause a large number of enemies to enter the room, so be prepared!

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

Open sesame

Open 20 chests None

Demonic greed

Open 13 demonic chests There's always a healing potion after a battle in a demonic chamber