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Rampage Knights can be played with a keyboard, or with an Xbox 360 controller on Windows. The controls may be changed at any time in the options menu.

Rampage Knights Keyboard Controls

Rampage Knights can be played using a keyboard.

Keyboard Function
Move up
Move left
Move down
Move right
D Attack
S Use magic or item
A Pick up
Shift Evade
Space Jump
1 Select item 1
2 Select item 2
3 Select item 3
4 Select item 4

Rampage Knights Gamepad Controls

Rampage Knights can also be played with an Xbox 360 controller.

Button Function
Left stick Move
A Jump
B Use Item or Magic
X Attack
Y Pick Up or Interact
Bumpers Select Active Item
Triggers Evade
D-pad Left & Right Select Active Item
D-pad Down Drop Active Item
Start Menu
Back Hero's Stats

Rampage Knights Moves

The default Rampage Knights moves can not be changed. Players can open the moves menu in game using 'ESC', selecting 'How to play' then 'Moves'.

Moves combinations menu section

Changing the Rampage Knights Controls

Changing the Rampage Knights controls.
The default Rampage Knights controls can be changed at any time. Players can do this by opening the game menu using 'ESC', selecting 'Options' then 'Keyboard Controls'.