Gravity is a harsh mistress

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Gravity-is-a-harsh-mistress.png Drop 10 giants into a chasm.

How to beat the challenge

To beat this challenge, players must drop 10 giants into a chasm. The following giants are present in Rampage Knights:

Regular attacks will knock giants back a short distance. Dash attacks (hold left or right and attack) and jump attacks (jump then attack) will knock back giants far further. Players should position a giant betweens themselves and a chasm, and attack so that it falls in.

Giants have a unique attack pattern. When hit 3 times, it becomes enraged, roaring once and increasing attack speed and frequency. Players will need to avoid these attacks when attempting to drop giants into chasms.

Items such as the Flying Carpet, Flying Sandals and Scroll of Levitation can help prevent players falling into chasms themselves when attempting to drop giants into them.


Unlocks Space Helmet.