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Rampage Knights is split into ten main Locations. Players start in The Camp, which acts as the hub of the game. Other than The Camp, locations are made up of multiple randomly generated rooms that the player must advance through to get further in the game. Enemies in The Camp are not aggressive. In the Enchanted Forest onwards, all enemies are aggressive. In some rooms, players can simply run through them without having to kill all the enemies. In others, especially in later levels, all enemies in a room must be killed before players can move on. Clearing rooms may produce items such as coins to appear on the ground.

Generally, each location has a different selection of enemies, items, traps and features, although some are shared between locations.

It is not possible to go back to a location once it has been completed unless players start over. However, it is possible to go back to rooms within a location that have already been visited. This can be useful, for example allowing players to go back and collect a potion once they have used the one they are carrying.


Location Description More information

The Camp

The hub of the game, where players start and where they resurrect after they lose all their lives (except on casual difficulty). It is home to a band of trapped adventurers which can be spoken to to access various options. More information...

Enchanted Forest

The first location players will encounter after leaving The Camp. Enemies are aggressive, but players do not need to kill them to progress to the next room. More information...


Like the Enchanted Forest, players can simply run through most rooms. More information...

Dark Castle

Enemies are aggressive, and players must kill them all to progress to the next room. More information...


Contains various traps and features. The last level before a mid-game boss fight. More information...
Mid-game boss Randomly chosen from: More information...
Starting Dungeon.png


Sees the introduction of more complex opponents with unique abilities, such as the bomb throwing Bomber. More information...
Arena Multiple waves of enemies spawn in a single room. More information...


More information...
Entering Gothic.png


The last of the main levels. More information...


Contains only two rooms. The first is free of enemies, and the second is where players meet the Warlock, the master of the Dark Castle. More information...
Sky A unique level, and the location of the final battle with the Warlock, master of the Dark Castle, as he tries to flee. More information...