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Active modifiers can be seen by pressing 'Tab' or 'Back'.
Modifiers are passive effects that are gained by collecting certain items.


Name Description
Ankh Regeneration +5.
Bean of Unnatural Growth.png
Bean of Unnatural Growth Your vitality raise everytime you clear a room without being hit.
Bottomless Pouch.png
Bottomless Pouch Gives 3 pieces of gold in every new room.
Devil's Pact.png
Devil's Pact Signed with blood! You will be resurrected upon death but cursed!
Fierce Mask.png
Fierce Mask Critical hit damage +50%.
Flying Carpet.png
Flying Carpet Makes you fly above pits and spikes.
Golden Magic Banana.png
Golden Magic Banana Vitality +10. You throw banana peels on critical hit.
Goldjaw You eat gold. It heals you.
Grandma's Wooly Socks.png
Grandma's Wooly Socks So soft that your steps do not trigger traps or crumble bridges.
Juggler's Magic Mirror.png
Juggler's Magic Mirror Casts a reflection of a thrown weapon backwards.
Juggler's Wondrous Triplicator.png
Juggler's Wondrous Triplicator Multiplies thrown weapons, but makes them weaker.
Kraken's Idol.png
Kraken's Idol Became a mighty crab warrior! Critical damage +50%.
Mechanic Arms.png
Mechanic Arms HOLD attack button to swing. You can't dash anymore.
Molten Mittens.png
Molten Mittens You burn enemies on touch. Immunity to fire.
Nightcrawler's Eyes.png
Nightcrawler's Eyes +20% critical hit chance in dark rooms.
Plague Bearer.png
Plague Bearer You poison everything. You are poisoned and cannot be cured of it.
Powerful Gloves.png
Powerful Gloves You can grab standing enemies. Thrown objects do higher damage.
Queen Bee.png
Queen Bee Sends bees on enemies when they appear.
Ring of Brutal Beatdown.png
Ring of Brutal Beatdown Critical hit chance +5%.
Rotten Cheese.png
Rotten Cheese Putrid stench around it deals poison damage to enemies.
Salamander's Oil.png
Salamander's Oil Strongly increases damage to enemies from poisoning and burning.
Scottish Warpaint.png
Scottish Warpaint Turns you into a berserker. Damage is doubled, health is halved.
Serious Bomberman.png
Serious Bomberman You get a lot of bombs and immunity to explosions.
Soul Gem.png
Soul Gem Extra life.
Steel Springs.png
Steel Springs Your jumps are huge.
Syringe You fully heal in every new room, if you have a disease.
Thief's Mask.png
Thief's Mask For every coin picked up, you get one extra.
Thorn Amulet.png
Thorn Amulet Critical hit chance +10%.

Books of Magic

There are several Books of Magic that can be collected.

Name Description
Anora's Exotic Bestiary.png
Anora's Exotic Bestiary Book of Magic. Spell damage +5.
Arcane Grimoir of Ebedus.png
Arcane Grimoir of Ebedus Book of Magic. Spell damage +5.
Avakron's Book of Secrets.png
Avakron's Book of Secrets Book of Magic. Spell damage +5.
Fulomonora's Mystical Atlas.png
Fulomonora's Mystical Atlas Book of Magic. Spell damage +5.
Knozax's Book of Fire.png
Knozax's Book of Fire Book of Magic. Spell damage +5.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward
Librarian.png Librarian Find 10 books of magic None


Active modifiers used to be shown in the top left of the screen.
  • Active modifiers used to be shown in the top left of the screen.


  • Version 1.3:
    • Mod items are showing proper (big) icon in the "last acquired" panel.