Sir Bumperd

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Sir Bumperd
Description The Travelling Knight.
Notes Will allow the player to change their class.

Sir Bumperd is one of the travellers trapped in the enchanted forest along with the player. He allows players to change their class, giving them various perks.

Sir Bumperd is a knight in full metal armour, kneeling on one knee. He is accompanied by his Trusty Squire.


Speaking with Sir Bumperd allows the player to change their class. See Classes for more details.


There are monsters everywhere.
For honor, glory and dry underpants!
You fight well! Maybe we'll go on a quest together one day.



  • In the Rampage Knights game files, Sir Bumperd is referred to as 'Knight'.
  • In the Rampage Knights Tech Demo, players could browse the class select screen but not change their class from Adventurer.
  • The knight and his squire are a reference to the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". In which a knight with no horse is followed around by his squire, who clacks two half coconut shells together.