Throwing Weapons

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The Throwing Weapons interface.
Throwing Weapons are weapons that can be used to attack enemies at a distance. They are held in the second item slot, which can be accessed by using '2' on a keyboard, or the direction pad on an Xbox 360 controller. They can then be used by pressing 'S' on a keyboard, or 'Y' on an Xbox 360 controller.

Only one type of Throwing Weapon can be held at a time, but players can hold more than one of that type.

Throwing Weapons

Image Name Description
Bomb Explodes, hitting multiple enemies.
Poison Dart Hits and poisons a single enemy.
Stone Stuns an enemy for around a second, and causes a small amount of damage.
Throwing Axe Hits all enemies it comes into contact with, causing a large amount of damage.
Throwing Dagger Hits a single enemy, causing massive damage.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward


Hit enemies 25 times with a throwing weapon None

Chop! Chop!

Hit 7 enemies with a single throwing axe. Throwing weapon damage +10%