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Archer Game.png

Archer 2.png

Health ~ 150 - 200
Damage ~ 10
Locations Enchanted Forest, Courtyard, Dark Castle, Tomb, Dungeon, Sewer, Gothic

The Archer is a common enemy with three variants. One can commonly be found in the Enchanted Forest, and two others in the Dungeon onwards. Each have the same attacks and damage values.


The Archer has a relatively slow melee attack where it kicks the player, causing approximately 10 damage. It also has a ranged attack where it fires a bow and arrow, also causing approximately 10 damage.


The Archer is a simple enemy that can be killed fairly easily. Both the melee and ranged attacks are fairly slow, and can be interrupted by attacking, or avoided by evading. The Arrow it fires is slow moving an can be avoided by moving slightly up or down, or evading. Since the Archer can attack both up close and at a distance, players will need to remain alert no matter where they are in a room. The red variant of the Archer is classed as a Demon, and such is immune to fire damage caused by weapons such as the Fiery Sword.


  • Version 0.8:
    • Decapitated archers should drop correct heads.