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Description Small and nimble
Vitality 60
Strength 5
Movement Speed 120%
Spell Damage 0
Notes Double jump, can assassinate lying enemies, evade button uses smokescreen
An example of an assassin.
Assassin is one of six playable classes. Visually, he is the shortest class. The assassin is faster than other classes with 120% run speed, and can double jump by pressing jump once, then again whilst in the air. The assassin will then perform a roll in mid air, granting extra height and distance.

The assassin can assassinate lying enemies, instantly killing them. This can be done once every six seconds, as indicated by the circular timer above it's head. The Assassin can also use a smokescreen by evading. This makes the player invisible for several seconds, and enemies will not attack. However, players will become visible again if they attack. This uses the same six second cooldown as the assassinate ability. If the cooldown has not expired, the player will use the regular stomp or evade roll abilities. The Assassin has 60 vitality and 5 strength, 20 vitality less than the standard adventurer class, these may be increased to 90 vitality and 10 strength through It's not lupus and One man army respectively. In casual vitality is increased by 10, and in insane it is decreased by 10.


An Assassin assassinating a Machete enemy.
The low health of the Assassin class makes this a risky class to play, especially during later levels. The smokescreen ability can be useful in getting out of difficult situations, however often players will be unable to use it due to the six second cooldown. Plus, it only helps with getting away from enemies, and they will still need to be killed. The double jump ability is especially useful in later levels such as the Tomb, where there are many pits and chasms and accurate jumping is required. The Assassinate ability is not especially useful on weaker enemeies, as regular stomping will kill then quickly anyway. In later levels however, when dealing with monsters with higher health however, it can be very useful.


  • The Assassin class used to start with five Throwing Weapons.
  • There was previously an exploit where players could pick the assassin class, put down the Throwing Weapons then pick the assassin again to get more Throwing Weapons, essentially providing an unlimited supply of the weapons. This has now been fixed.


  • Version 1.3:
    • Assassin always uses stomp on ghoul heads instead of assassination skill.
  • Version 1.2:
    • Assassin always use stomp to kill torso enemies instead of using assassination.
  • Version 0.22:
    • Assassin doesn't receive throwing weapons at the start anymore.
    • Assassin with fatigue does roll now instead of doing nothing when you press evade button.
  • Version 0.13:
    • Iron boots break spikes even when assassin is invisible.
  • Version 0.7:
    • Changed head/body proportions of barbarian and assassin classes.

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Challenge Description Reward

Shadow warrior

Complete Bullseye, Why so jumpy? and Assassinated challenges Unlocks Assassin class