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Description Big and slow
Vitality 90
Strength 10
Movement Speed 85%
Spell Damage 0
Notes Wields an Absurd Fantasy Sword, Epic pecs: refuses to wear armor
An example of a Barbarian.
A Barbarian refusing to wear armor due to his epic pecs.
Barbarian is one of six playable classes, and requires completion of the Cimmerian Challenge to use. He is the largest class, and has 90 Vitality and 10 Strength, but these may be increased to 100 vitality and 15 strength through It's not lupus and One man army respectively. In casual vitality is increased by 10, and in insane it is decreased by 10. His default weapon is an Absurd Fantasy Sword, which is slow but moderately powerful with a long reach. However, he is the slowest class with 85% Run speed. Additionally, he is unable to wear armor.


The Barbarian is an effective class, especially for beginners. The Absurd Fantasy Sword is slow, but has a very long reach. Players should use this to their advantage, attacking from a distance to prevent enemies from getting too close. This prevents enemies getting into attack range, preventing players from receiving damage. The inability to use armor is not an issue in early levels. However, in later levels, when good armor becomes available, it can be a disadvantage. The slowness of the Barbarian rarely poses an issue.


  • Version 0.7:
    • Changed head/body proportions of barbarian and assassin classes.

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Challenge Description Reward


Complete Grant Me Revenge, Crush, and Oversized challenges Unlocks Barbarian Class