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Not to be confused with the Fire Bat or Vampire Bat.

Bat Game.png
Health ~ 50 - 100
Damage 10
Locations Enchanted Forest, Courtyard, Dark Castle, Tomb, Dungeon, Sewer, Gothic

The Bat is a common enemy in Rampage Knights which can be found in all locations. It has a relatively low amount of health.


A Bat before it attacks.
Bats have a melee attack where they charge towards the player, causing approximately 10 damage on contact. A lightning icon will appear above the Bat's head before it charges, allowing the attack to be dodged by moving out of the way or evading. Bat's have no ranged attacks.


The Bat is a relatively simple enemy that can be killed easily. Since Bat's have no ranged attack, they are only dangerous when up close. One complication is that unlike other enemies, Bat's cannot be knocked to the ground, and then picked up or stomped on (or in the case of the Assassin class, assassinated). However, they can still be killed easily with melee.


  • Version 0.13:
    • Fixed bats not showing sparks above their heads when stunned.


  • In the Rampage Knights Tech Demo, bats could not be stunned.