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Description Master of magic.
Vitality 80
Strength 5
Movement Speed 100%
Spell Damage 5
Notes Uses evade button to cast magic
An example of a Battlemage.
Battlemage is one of six playable classes, and requires completion of the Sword and Sorcery Challenge to use. The Battlemage is a master of magic, with 80 vitality, 5 strength and 10 spell damage. The Battlemage's vitality and strength may be increased through It's not lupus and One man army respectively. In casual vitality is increased by 10, and in insane it is decreased by 10. By holding down the evade button, and pressing either the attack, jump or use item button, the Battlemage will use his unique magic abilities.

Evade Button Magic

Button 1 Button 2 Spell Image Notes Cooldown
Evade Attack Magic shot Magic-Shot.png Causes approximately 15 damage. Approximately 1 second.
Evade Use Magic barrier Magic-Barrier.png Blocks enemies and throwing weapons. Approximately 3 seconds.
Evade Pick up Area blast Area-Blast.png Causes approximately 15 damage. Approximately 3 seconds.
Evade Jump Teleport Teleport.png Teleports the player a short distance in the direction they are facing. Approximately 1 second.


The ability to cast magic using the evade button is useful, but relatively complex. This means the class is not well suited to beginners. The lack of evade is made up for by the teleport ability.


  • Version 1.2:
    • Battlemage has correct spell damage bonus on start.
    • Fixed bug where Teleporter Stone nad Battlemage's teleport could put the player outside of room.
  • Version 0.13:
    • Battlemage class - Instead of evasive rolling battlemage uses evade button to cast one of his four basic spells. Spells are cast by holding the evade button and pressing attack, jump, use, or pick up button (trigger+X/Y/A/B on gamepad).

Related Achievements

Challenge Description Reward

Sword and Sorcery

Complete Adept of Magic, Scribbler and Librarian challenges Unlocks Battlemage class