Giant Brute

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Giant Brute
Health 550
Damage 10 - 15
Locations Dark Castle

The Giant Brute is an enemy in Rampage Knights. It can be found in the Dark Castle and has approximately 550 vitality (health).


It has a melee attack which causes 10 - 15 damages and hits relatively quickly, but no ranged attack. The Giant Brute commonly jumps when attacking. It will often roar just before an attack, giving players a chance to get out of the way before it does so.


Although less than other giants, the Giant Brute has a relatively large amount of health (approximately 550).

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward


Kill a giant None

The bigger ones fall harder

Kill 100 giants Damage vs giants +10%

Gravity is a harsh mistress

Drop 10 giants into a chasm Unlocks space helmet


  • Version 1.2:
    • Giants and large enemies reacts to banana peels.
    • Fixed bug where giants could be knocked-out when attacked with uppercut while frozen. Now wobble is triggered instead.