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Health 300
Damage 30
Locations Tomb, Sewer, Gothic, Dungeon
Notes Attacks by throwing Bombs

Bomber is an enemy that can be found in the Tomb, Sewer, Gothic and Dungeon locations. It has 300 health.


The Bomber attacks by throwing a single Bomb towards the player which explodes around a second later, causing 30 damage. As well as damaging the player, this can damage the Bomber himself, as well as other enemies. The Bomber has a melee attack where it kicks the player, causing damage and knocking them back. However this is used rarely, and the bomber will often run away if a player moves towards it.


When a Bomber dies, he will drop several bombs on the ground which will explode a short time later. Because of this, players should move away from the Bomber as soon as it dies. Since the bombs damage enemies, players may wish to kill the Bomber last in a room of enemies, as he will help cause damage. Players can also stand near groups of enemies, causing the Bomber to throw a bomb towards them, causing damage.