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This page contains details on how to complete all the challenges or achievements in Rampage Knights. Click the images or challenge names for detailed information on how to complete them.

Name Description Reward
Grant-me-revenge.png Grant Me Revenge Kill 50 enemies. None.
Crush.png Crush Crush 10 enemies by stomping. None.
Oversized.png Oversized Kill a giant. None.
Cimmerian.png Cimmerian Complete Grant Me Revenge, Crush and Oversized. Unlocks Barbarian class.
Bullseye.png Bullseye Hit enemies 25 times with a throwing weapon. None.
Why-so-jumpy.png Why so jumpy? Acquire double jump. None.
Assassinated.png Assassinated Kill your first boss None
Shadow-warrior.png Shadow warrior Complete Bullseye, Why so jumpy? and Assassinated. Unlocks Assassin class.
Adept-of-magic.png Adept of Magic Deal 10000 points of damage with magic. None.
Scribbler.png Scribbler Use 3 scrolls. None.
Librarian.png Librarian Find 10 books of magic. None.
Sword-and-sorcery.png Sword and Sorcery Complete Adept of Magic, Scribbler and Librarian. Unlocks Battlemage class.
Give-me-the-booty.png Give me the booty Collect 1000 gold. None.
Open-sesame.png Open sesame Open 20 chests. None.
Early-in-the-morning.png Early in the morning Get drunk. None.
Sailing-the-seven-seas.png Sailing the seven seas Complete Give me the booty, Open sesame and Early in the morning. Unlocks Pirate class.
A-devilish-rock-off.png A devilish rock off Kill 100 demons. None.
Elder-ones.png Elder ones Use 5 altars. None.
Exorcist.png Exorcist Remove any curse from yourself. None.
On-the-highway-to-hell.png On the highway to hell Complete A devilish rock off, Exorcist and Elder ones. Unlocks Warlock class.
Please-don't-hurt-me.png Please don't hurt me! Die 3 times. Unlocks casual difficulty.
Soldier.png Soldier Win the game. Unlocks hard difficulty.
Knight Challenge.png Knight Win the game on Hard difficulty. Unlocks Insane difficulty.
King.png King Win the game on Insane difficulty. None.
Jack-of-all-trades.png Jack of all trades Win the game with all classes on Hard of higher. None.
Untouchable.png Untouchable Win the game without dying on Hard of higher. None.
Man-of-war.png Man of war Complete King, Jack of All Trades and Untouchable. Unlocks Shadow World. Talk to Tim in camp.
Through the looking glass.png Through the Looking-Glass Win the game in Shadow World. Unlocks Dreadhelm.
No-time-to-explain.png No time to explain Win the game in less than 30 minutes. Unlocks Racer's Helmet.
I'll-be-back.png I'll be back Die 5+ times and still win the game on Hard or higher. Unlocks male and female Cyborg face.
Roasted.png Roasted Deal 5000 points of burn damage. Burn time x2.
Just-chillin'.png Just chillin' Freeze 200 enemies. Freeze time x2.
Black-Widow.png Black widow Poison 200 enemies. Poison damage x2.
Demolition-man.png Demolition man Hit 200 enemies with explosions. You take 30% less damage from explosions.
Lights-out.png Lights out Stun 100 enemies. Stun time x2.
Breaking-through.png Breaking through Destroy 200 shields. Breaking shields does damage and creates a shockwave.
Crushing-boots.png Crushing boots Kill 100 enemies with stomp. Stomp kill makes shockwave.
Grand-Slam.png Grand slam Slam enemies 200 times to the ground with upper cut attack. Uppercut finish does area damage.
Gooooal.png Gooooooal! Send 200 enemies flying by kick. Kick damage +20.
Boxed.png Boxed Kill 10 enemies with the dwarven contraption. Unlocks Bearded Lady face.
Klaatu.png Klaatu Barada Nikto Kill 25 enemies cursed by the Book from the Cabin. Unlocks Ash's face.
Executioner Challenge.png Executioner Decapitate 25 enemies. Unlocks Executioner's Cape.
One-man-army.png One man army Kill 1000 enemies. Strength +5.
Cleaning-garbage.png Cleaning garbage Throw 200 enemies into chasms. Damage from thrown bodies +30.
The-bigger-ones-fall-harder.png The bigger ones fall harder Kill 100 giants. Damage vs giants +10%.
Gravity-is-a-harsh-mistress.png Gravity is a harsh mistress Drop 10 giants into a chasm. Unlocks Space Helmet.
Crushing-blow.png Crushing blow Hit for 250 or more with a single hit. Bonus damage 10%.
Chop-chop.png Chop! Chop! Hit 7 enemies with a single throwing axe. Throwing weapon damage +10%.
CannonBall.png Cannonball Hit 7 enemies with one dash attack. Unlocks Football Helmet.
Whip-it-good.png Whip it good Build the hit counter up to 50. Hit counter stays on longer.
Crushed.png Crushed Kill 10 enemies with the Mighty Foot. Stomp damage +20.
It's-not-lupus.png It's not lupus Heal 5000 hp. Vitality +10.
Safety-dance.png Safety dance Clear 100 rooms without being hit. Critical damage +25%.
Not-even-a-scratch.png Not even a scratch Kill 25 enemies in a row without being hit. Critical chance +5.
Color-of-magic.png Color of magic Deal 100000 points of damage with magic. Starting spell damage +10.
Wizard-buster.png Wizard Buster Kill 10 wizards. +20% maximum mana.
Dungeon-crawler.png Dungeon crawler Go through 1000 rooms. Unlocks Safari Hat.
A-bull-in-a-china-shop.png A bull in a china shop Destroy 10000 decorations. Higher chance for drop from decorations.
Tasy-beverage.png Tasty beverage Drink up 200 potions. Healing from potions +20%.
I-love-shopping.png I love shopping! Buy 100 items. Prices in shops are 15% lower.
We-are-closed.png We are closed Buy the shop out Shopkeeper gives you a present (works every time)
Uncle-scrooge.png Uncle scrooge Have 1000 gold in your pocket. You start with 25 gold.
Master-thief.png Master Thief Lockpick 200 chests. Lockpicking always has only one phase.
Steady-hand.png Steady hand Lockpick 50 chests without fail. +20% gold from chests.
Heigh-ho-Heigh-ho.png Heigh ho, heigh ho Have 7 familiars at once. Familiars attack faster.
Tough-luck-mate.png Tough luck, mate Have 3 curses at once. Damage vs demons +10%.
Demonic-greed.png Demonic greed Open 13 demonic chests. There's always a healing potion after a battle in a demonic chamber.
Grave-robber.png Grave robber Loot graveyard. None.
Get-trippy.png Get trippy Get high with the magic mushroom. None.
Forest-Den.png Forest den Get treasure from the Forest Den. None.
Forest-Sheppard.png Forest sheppard Complete Grave Robber, Get Trippy and Forest Den. Unlocks Antlers.
I-shall-pass.png I shall pass! Win the battle on the castle bridge. Unlocks Raider's Helmet.
Bar-fly.png Bar fly Find all Haunted Inns (the devil, potion shop and ghosts). Unlocks Beer Cap.
Cheat-the-devil.png Cheat the devil Turn all cards in the game with the devil. Unlocks Demon faces.
It's-raw-you-donkey.png It's raw, you donkey Kill the cook. Unlocks Cook's Hat
Misfortune.png Misfortune Hit all rewards on the Wheel of Misfortune. 5% chance to cheat death.
El-Dorado.png El Dorado Collect more than 70 gold during the Gold Rush event. Unlocks Shiny Golden Hat.
Friendship-is-magic.png Friendship is magic Win a multiplayer game. Unlocks Golden Crown.
Saving-private-player.png Saving private player Resurrect a friend via combat in a multiplayer game. You need less kills to revive the other player.
Like-a-boss.png Like a boss Win all statistics when completing a level. Unlocks a guy suspiciously looking like the Coach.