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Health ~500
Damage 10
Areas Courtyard, Dark Castle, Tomb, Dungeon, Gothic
Notes Attacks by charging towards players

The Charger is an enemy in Rampage Knights. It can be found in the Courtyard, Dark Castle, Tomb, Dungeon and Gothic locations. It has a unique charging attack, and high (500) health.


A Charger about to attack.
A lightning symbol will appear above the Charger's head before it charges. It will then run towards the player. The Charger can move up or down slightly when charging, but cannot change the direction it runs in. Players can avoid the attack by evading (Shift + direction on keyboard, Right Bumper + direction with Xbox 360 controller). The attack causes approximately 10 damage if successful. If the Charger hits a wall when charging it will become dazed, and will be unable to move or attack for approximately five seconds.


A good strategy to deal with the Charger is to wait for it to charge, then evade to avoid being hit. The Charger will commonly hit a wall and become dazed, giving the perfect chance to attack.

It is possible to intercept a Charger while it is charging, which will cancel its attack. This is not recommended, however, because it is potentially dangerous as if you fail, you will more than likely be hit by the charger.

As the Battlemage class, you can summon a Magical Barrier (Evade + Use) to defend against a charger, which is an effective method, but arguably overly defensive and unnecessary.

A dazed Charger.



  • Before it was merged into the charger, Catastro was a similar enemy.