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The Courtyard.
The Courtyard Gate opens.
The Courtyard during Christmas 2015.
The Courtyard is a location that can be accessed after the Enchanted Forest. Players must pass through it in order to progress to the Dark Castle. The levels are roughly linear, and players will constantly move towards the end of the level. However, there are various side rooms that players can explore. These are normally accessed by moving upwards. Players do not need to defeat all the enemies in a room to move to the next room.


Like the Enchanted Forest, players can simply run through most rooms without having to kill any enemies. The exception is the final room, where players must kill all enemies to proceed to the Dark Castle.

The Courtyard will likely contain a number of side rooms, such as the Haunted Inn. These may allow players to find or buy treasure, weapons and equipment, but will also mean that players need to fight more enemies, potentially losing health or even lives. Since most enemies in the Courtyard are relatively weak and simple, it is recommended that players explore some of these side rooms. This will increase their chances of finding a more powerful weapon, potions and gold, all of which will be useful in later levels.

Castle Bridge

The bridge.
The second room players will encounter in the Courtyard is the Castle Bridge. This consists of one or more bridges and multiple enemies. Near the end of the level is a Chest. A pile of wood blocks the exit, preventing players from running straight through the level. This can be destroyed in several hits. It is a good idea to kill all the enemies so players can open the chest and find potentially useful items. Players should be careful with their movement, and especially dash attacks and evading, which may send them falling into a chasm.


The Courtyard may contain the following enemies:

Enemy Description More Information
Skeleton Game.png


The Skeleton has both a ranged and melee attack, although these are fairly slow. May appear with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack or Dash Attack before they can be damaged.

More information...


Attacks by charging towards the player, knocking them to the ground. Has very high health.

More information...
Bat Game.png


A weak enemy with low HP. Attacks by charging a short distance towards the player, hitting for 10 HP. Cannot be knocked to the ground.

More information...
Archer Game.png


A simple enemy that can be killed fairly easily. The Archer has a relatively slow melee attack where it kicks the player, causing approximately 10 damage. It also has a ranged attack where it fires a bow and arrow, also causing approximately 10 damage.

More information...


Has a melee attack causing approximately 10 - 12 damage. Also has a ranged attack causing approximately 10 damage. The knife is relatively slow, and can be avoided by moving slightly up or down, or evading. May come with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack or Dash Attack before they can be damaged.

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Giant Ogre

A relatively powerful enemy, with a melee attack that hits for 15 damage.

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Giant Ent

Has a melee attack, where it swings a club, causing approximately 14 damage. A relatively powerful enemy, with around 550 health.

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Along with the Castle Bridge, the following special rooms and situations may be encountered.

Image Description
Chest room.png

Chest Room

Side room containing a chest, multiple enemies and a single exit. The exit will lock when players enter the room, and unlock when all enemies have been killed.
Haunted Inn Entrance.png

Haunted Inn

Side room with three variations. May contain a shop, card dealer minigame or non aggressive ghosts.


The following decorations can be interacted with, and are not simply scenery. Decorations that can be destroyed may drop items such as food, gold, or potions.

Image Notes


Can be destroyed.


Can be destroyed.


Can be destroyed.

Exploding Barrel

Explodes when hit by a weapon or knocked back player, causing ~50 damage. Can be picked up and thrown at enemies, exploding and causing ~50 damage, making it a somewhat useful weapon.


Can be destroyed.


Can be destroyed.


Can be picked up and used as a thrown weapon. This is not recommended as it is more effective to simply use melee attacks.
Statue.png Can be destroyed


Can be jumped on top of. Enemies are not able to attack players on the column.


Can be destroyed.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

I shall pass!

Win the battle on the castle bridge TBD


  • Version 1.7:
    • Disabled snowing theme from holidays and reverted back to normal weather in the forest and the courtyard levels.
  • Version 0.19:
    • One extra weapons drop in the Courtyard.
  • Version 0.9:
    • There can be rainy or stormy weather in the forest and courtyard levels.