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Crushed.png Kill 10 enemies with the Mighty Foot.

How to beat the challenge

Mighty Foot is a curse that causes a giant foot to stomp down from the skies, crushing the player and enemies. The Foot will hit where the player is standing, with this location being indicated by a red circle. Players should keep an eye on this, and move out of the way of the red circle to avoid getting crushed.

Curses can be gained by drinking a Demonic Mixture, praying at a Demonic Altar, using a Scroll of Black Magic and playing cards. A random curse or disease is also given to the player at the start of each area in the Hard and Insane game difficulties. However, the curse gained is random and there is no guarantee that it will be the mighty foot.

One tactic is to stand in a group of opponents until a red circle appears, then move out of the way. The enemies will then get crushed.


Stomp damage +20.