Crushing blow

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Crushing-blow.png Hit for 250 or more with a single hit.

How to beat the challenge

The total damage a player deals is determined by their:

  • Strength: Determined by class. In normal mode, the Barbarian has 15 strength whilst other classes have 10 strength
  • Weapon Damage: Determined by the weapon a player is dealing. Each weapon is assigned tier 1 to 5 and weapon damage is chosen randomly from a range for that specific tier. For more information, view the Weapons page
  • Bonus Damage (percentage)

It is calculated as (Strength + Weapon Damage) + ((Strength + Weapon Damage) / 100 * Bonus Damage)

Damage caused is increased when the player performs a critical hit, with damage being increased by a percentage.

To complete this challenge, players should choose the Barbarian class for maximum strength.

The following items can be used to increase hit damage:

The following weapons can be used to cause massive damage:

  • Bloodthirsty Axe - A kill makes it bloodthirsty, the next hit will cause massive damage
  • Ethereal Sword - Massive damage, but only hits on critical hit
  • Executioner - 200% extra damage when used against a single enemy


Bonus damage 10%.