Crushing boots

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Crushing-boots.png Kill 100 enemies with stomp.

How to beat the challenge

An Adventurer stomping a Mushroom Man.
To stomp an enemy, they first must be knocked to the ground. There are several ways of achieving this:
  • A Jump Attack (jump up and press the attack button in the air) will knock enemies back or knock them to the ground
  • A Dash Attack (hold attack button then press left or right) will knock enemies back or knock them to the ground
  • Performing an Uppercut Attack (hold up while attacking), then hitting the enemy when it is in the air, may slam it into the ground
  • A Kick (attack while in close proximity to an enemy) will knock enemies to the ground
  • A Carousel (hold down while attacking) will throw the enemy to the ground, and may knock any enemies it hits to the ground also
  • Certain spells including the Lightning Rod and Rain of Arrows will knock enemies to the ground
  • The Devil's Hoof will knock enemies to the ground on critical hit
  • A Skeleton torso is classed as being knocked to the ground. A skeleton may spawn as a torso, or turn into a torso after a regular skeleton has been killed

To perform a stomp attack, players must attack while standing over a lying enemy. Performing multiple stomp attacks in quick succession will damage the enemy and prevent it from standing up again, leading to easy kills. Players should beware when attempting to stomp Skeleton torsos as these can still attack.

Iron Boots will increase the effectiveness of stomp attacks, making them very useful for unlocking this achievement. The Assassin class may perform an assassination special move, rather than a stomp attack, leading to kills not counting towards this achievement.


Stomp kill makes shockwave.