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Entering the Dark Castle.
The Dark Castle is an area in Rampage Knights. It can be accessed by reaching the end of the Courtyard, and must be completed to reach the Tomb. The levels are roughly linear, and players will constantly move towards the end of the level. However, there are various side rooms that players can explore.


The Dark Castle is similar to the Courtyard, and players can progress in much the same way. There is a higher proportion of traps which players should be aware of. If players have not yet found a good weapon, or are still using the weapon they started with, they may wish to explore the various side rooms that appear in order to loot or buy one. Despite the risk of encountering more enemies and taking damage, this will make progressing far easier as the levels start to become more difficult.


The Dark Castle contains the following enemies:

Enemy Description More Information
Skeleton Game.png


The Skeleton has both a ranged and melee attack, although these are fairly slow. May appear with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack or Dash Attack before they can be damaged.

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Attacks by charging towards the player, knocking them to the ground. Has very high health.

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Fire Bat

Attack by shooting fireballs towards players. Resistant to fire damage.

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Has both a ranged and melee attack.

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Has only a weak melee attack. Will sometimes drops it's head upon death. This must be destroyed or the Ghoul will come back to life.

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Archer Game.png


A simple enemy that can be killed fairly easily. The Archer has a relatively slow melee attack where it kicks the player, causing approximately 10 damage. It also has a ranged attack where it fires a bow and arrow, also causing approximately 10 damage.

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Can throw several Throwing Daggers in quick succession. These are relatively slow and can be dodged. Can also kick a player, knocking them back if they get too close.

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The following special rooms may be encountered.

Image Description
Wheel of Misfortune.png

Wheel of Misfortune

Players may spin the wheel once to be granted a random effect.
The Kitchen Contains a giant cook, carcass that can be attacked to produce meat, beer keg and a large number of enemies. Killing the cook completes the challenge It's raw, you donkey .

The Vault

Features several chests and a number of enemies, making it a good way of finding weapons and equipment. Players will need to kill all enemies before they can leave The Vault.

Traps and Features

The following traps and features may be encountered.

Image Description
Activated-Spikes.jpg Unactivated-Spikes.jpg Spikes. Will come out of the ground a short time after the player walks over the trap, causing 11 damage. Spikes are not activated by enemies.
Spikes-2.png Cause 10 damage when players come into contact with them.
Poison Spikes.png Cause 5 or 6 damage and 5 or 6 poison damage, and poison the player.
Exploding-barrel.png Explodes when hit by a weapon or knocked back player, causing ~50 damage. Can be picked up and thrown at enemies, exploding and causing ~50 damage.
Flames.png Flames-Off.png Flames come out from the grills every ~3 seconds, causing ~10 damage to players. If a player is on the grills when the flames come out, the player is knocked back. The grills glow orange before the flames come out.
Falling-Floor-1.jpg Falling-Floor-2.jpg Falling floor. When a player walks over the floor, it will crumble and disappear a short time after. If a player is standing on the floor when this happens, they will fall to their death. The floor will reappear a short time after this.


Found in the Kitchen. Can be attacked to produce 3-4 pieces of chicken, making it useful for healing health.

Gargoyle Fireballs.png

Periodically shoots fireballs, which hit for a small amount of health.


The following decorations can be interacted with and are not simply scenery. Decorations that can be destroyed may drop items such as food, gold and potions.

Image Description
Stake Skeleton.png Can be destroyed. May drop items such as food.
Chair.png Can be destroyed.
Pot.png Can be destroyed.
Table.png Can be destroyed.
Pottery.png Can be destroyed. Players can use a dash attack (hold attack then left or right) to quickly destroy a large amount of pottery.
Barrels.png Can be destroyed. Can be picked up and thrown at enemies, this is not recommended however as it is less effective than a simple melee attack.
Skulls.png Can be destroyed.



  • Version 0.22:
    • Insane difficulty is more difficult. There are more spikes and pits in the castle and players get random disease or curse at the beginning of every level.
  • Version 0.19:
    • A keg has been placed in the kitchen.
  • Version 0.12:
    • Added new rooms which can spawn in the castle: Potion Cabinet. Pet Shop. Totems of Death. Wheel of Misfortune.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

It's raw, you donkey

Kill the cook Unlocks cook's hat