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Health ~160
Damage 10
Location Tomb, Dungeon, Sewer
Type Demon

The Demon is an enemy found in the Tomb, Dungeon and Sewer locations. It is relatively weak, with approximately 160 vitality (health). Some Demons wield a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack (jump up and press the attack button in the air) or Dash Attack (hold attack button then press left or right) before they can be damaged. Simple shields can be destroyed in one hit, larger ones will take multiple hits. As their name suggests Demons are a Demon type enemy and such are immune to fire damage caused by items such as the Fiery Sword.


Demons have a melee attack where they attack with a sword, and a ranged attack, where they throw a throwing knife. This attack is relatively slow and can be dodged by moving out of the way or using the evade move. Both attacks cause approximately 10 damage.


Demons are relatively simple enemies and can normally be killed easily. If players are facing Demons with shields, they should try to destroy these quickly so subsequent attacks with deal damage.

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Challenge Description Reward

A devilish rock off

Kill 100 demons None