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Waiting for the Dragon.
The Dragon.
Defeating the Dragon.
The Dragon is a mid-game boss that can appear after completing the Tomb. Players must defeat it to progress on to the Dungeon.

The Fight

The fight will not begin until players attack the egg in the centre of the room, giving them time to prepare. The Dragon is composed of three heads, and players must kill all of them to defeat the boss. Once the Dragon is defeated, players must jump onto the small platform at the back of the room and climb the ladder. Unlike the Slime Head, Legion and Warlock, the Scroll of Escape cannot be used to skip this boss fight.

An Adventurer hiding on a pillar.
Players with double jump from the Boots of Acrobat or Jumping Potion can jump onto the pillars on either side of the room to avoid all damage from all attacks. This is especially useful when the Dragon uses it's Meteor and Fireball attacks.


The Dragon has several unique attacks.


The heads move back towards the wall, and meteors fall from the air. The locations that they are going to hit are indicated by red circles on the ground. Players will need to move out of the way of these circles to avoid taking damage.


The Dragon moves back towards the wall and fires multiple fireballs that players need to avoid. These can be blocked by the Protector's Plate.


The Dragon head charges forwards, causing damage.

Fire Bats

The Dragon summons multiple Fire Bats.


Small fires appear in the room, causing damage when stood in.


  • Version 1.7:
    • Dragon boss now has three variants - fire, poison and ice.