Enchanted Forest

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The way to the Enchanted Forest.
The Enchanted Forest in the Shadow World.
The Enchanted Forest during Christmas 2015.
The Enchanted Forest, previously known as the Magical Forest and also referred to as The Forest and The Woods is an area in Rampage Knights. It can be accessed by travelling right out of The Camp, following the sign that says "Dark Castle this way".
Entering the Enchanted Forest.
The Enchanted Forest completed.
Players must move through the Enchanted Forest to reach the Courtyard, generally moving to the right and down. The levels are roughly linear, and players will constantly move towards the end of the level. However, there are various side rooms that players can explore. These are normally accessed by moving upwards. Players do not need to defeat all the enemies in a room to move to the next room. The only exception is the final room of the Enchanted Forest, where players must kill all enemies to enter the Courtyard.


Players may simply run through most rooms if they wish to. However, since the enemies found in the Enchanted Forest are generally very weak and few in number, it is a good idea to take some time to kill some of them and explore properly. Open all chests and destroy all decorations to find Gold and Potions which will be useful in later levels. To speed things up, players can use their dash attack to quickly destroy groups of decorations such as mushrooms to try and find items.


The Magical Forest may contain the following enemies:

Enemy Description More Information
Skeleton Game.png


The Skeleton has both a ranged and melee attack, although these are fairly slow. May appear with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack or Dash Attack before they can be damaged.

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Bat Game.png


A weak enemy with low HP. Attacks by charging a short distance towards the player, hitting for 10 HP. Cannot be knocked to the ground.

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Archer Game.png


A simple enemy that can be killed fairly easily. The Archer has a relatively slow melee attack where it kicks the player, causing approximately 10 damage. It also has a ranged attack where it fires a bow and arrow, also causing approximately 10 damage.

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Has a melee attack causing approximately 10 - 12 damage. Also has a ranged attack causing approximately 10 damage. The knife is relatively slow, and can be avoided by moving slightly up or down, or evading. May come with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack or Dash Attack before they can be damaged.

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Mushroom Man.png

Mushroom Man

A basic enemy that can be killed relatively easily. Has a relatively quick melee attack which hits for 8 damage. This attack can hit twice times in quick succession. He also has a ranged attack, where he attacks using a throwing knife. This attack is relatively slow, and the knife can be avoided easily by moving up or down, or evading.

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The following unique rooms and situations may be encountered in the Enchanted Forest.

Image Description
Forest Den.png

Forest Den

A room containing one or more giants and other enemies, and a chest. Can be recognised by the large tusked skull above the door. Useful for gaining items such as potions, but players may take damage from the enemies within.

Rocky Ledge

A room containing a narrow ledge, and possible enemies. Players need to be careful not to fall off the ledge as this will lead to death.


Image Description
Standing Stones.png

Standing Stones

Contains a spell or offhand weapon. Players will be hit for around 50 damage when they pick this up.


Attacking gives a chance of getting the Trippy curse, which has a disorienting effect. This is required to complete a Challenge, but should be avoided otherwise as it grants no benefits.


The following decorations can be interacted with, and are not simply scenery. Decorations that can be destroyed may drop items such as food, gold or potions.

Image Notes


Gravestones may be found randomly, especially in graveyard rooms. Destroying a gravestone may cause a Skeleton to appear. However, it can also produce items such as food.

Tree Stump

Can be destroyed.


Can be destroyed.


Can be picked up and used as a thrown weapon. This is not recommended as it is more effective to simply use melee attacks.


Can be destroyed. Use dash attacks to destroy many of these quickly.

Tree Trunk

Can be destroyed.


Can be destroyed.


  • Version 1.7:
    • Disabled snowing theme from holidays and reverted back to normal weather in the forest and the courtyard levels.
  • Version 0.24:
    • Added new rooms that can spawn in the Forest: "troll" bridge, rooms with pits, rocky ledge and rooms with long grass.
  • Version 0.13:
    • Fixed Big Oak in forest not playing animation when given gold.
  • Version 0.9:
    • There can be rainy or stormy weather in the forest and courtyard levels.
  • Version 0.8:
    • Cave in the forest has a more visible entrance.


  • Sep used to be found in the Enchanted Forest.