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There are various pieces of Equipment in Rampage Knights. Equipment is worn, and players can not wear two items of the same type together. For example, a Heroic Belt and a Swordmaster's Belt.


Name Durability Description
Bomb Armor.png
Bomb Armor - Explodes on hit. Immunity to explosions.
Demonic Armor.png
Demonic Armor 3 Blocks all hits. Vitality -20. Regains durability after a kill.
Dragon Armor.png
Dragon Armor 5 Blocks all hits. Immunity to fire.
Elven Armor.png
Elven Armor 5 Blocks all hits. Immunity to poison and diseases.
Heroic Plate Armor.png
Heroic Plate Armor 7 Blocks all hits. Critical chance +15%
Iron Armor.png
Iron Armor 6 Blocks all hits.
Leather Armor 3 Blocks all hits
Protector's Plate.png
Protector's Plate - Blocks all enemy missiles.
Rainbow Armor.png
Rainbow Armor - Immunity to fire, cold and poison.
Turtle Shell.png
Turtle Shell 4 Blocks all hits. Drops pizza slice on hit.


Name Description
Druid's Rope.png
Druid's Rope Regeneration +3.
Heroic Belt.png
Heroic Belt Vitality +10.
Lifeguard's Belt.png
Lifeguard's Belt Saves you from falling into a pit.
Mighty Belt.png
Mighty Belt Strength +5.
Paladin's Belt.png
Paladin's Belt Immunity to curses.
Slayer's Heroic Belt.png
Slayer's Heroic Belt +10 damage against big enemies and bosses.
Swordmaster's Belt.png
Swordmaster's Belt You swing all weapons really fast.


Name Description
Boots of Acrobat Enable double jump.
Boots of Wind Run speed +20%.
Firecrackers Every 10 seconds your jump explodes. Immunity to explosions.
Flying Sandals Ground.png
Flying Sandals You levitate over chasms.
Frost Boots.png
Frost Boots Kicks freeze enemies. Immunity to cold.
Heels on Fire ground.png
Heels on Fire Burn the ground around you. Immunity to fire.
Iron Boots They destroy spikes, stomp hard and kick chests open.
Leather Boots.png
Leather Boots