Fire Wizard

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Fire Wizard
Health 500
Damage Meteors: 10 Fire damage

Melee attack: 8 - 10

Locations Dungeon, Gothic
Immunity Fire, Stun

Fire Wizards are high rank enemies found in the Dungeon and Gothic levels. They have a relatively high vitality of 500 health and attacks with powerful homing Fire projectiles, therefore should be considered a priority target in any encounters.


The Fire Wizard's main attacks include summoning a series of meteors which will attempt to home in on the player's position (area of impact indicated by a red circle on the ground), and firing a spread shot of 3 fireballs. The meteors deal 10 damage and will juggle the player on impact, causing the potential danger of knocking the player into a chasm, although they are capable of hurting any enemies caught in the friendly fire as well. The Fire Wizard has a relatively weak melee attack which he will use if the player gets too close, and will teleport to another random location in the room either to avoid the player or after having received too many blows, making him a lot harder to defeat.


Fire Wizards are very aggressive in their attacks, and their powerful spells can quickly chew down the player's health if left unattended, therefore care must be taken to dodge their meteors and fireballs and use the time in between to dish out as much damage as possible before they teleport away or resume the attack.

  • The Fire Wizard telegraphs both of his attacks with either a knock on the ground with his staff for summoning meteors, or a raise of his staff which signals the fireball salvo. The meteors can be evaded by moving away from the area marked with the red indicator, and the fireballs can be dodged if players keep their distance from the Fire Wizard, allowing the spread shot to dissipate. It's very important that players read the Fire Wizard's attacks and dodge accordingly before they launch a counter-attack.
  • When fighting multiple Fire Wizards, it's possible to trick them into hitting each other since their meteors can cause friendly-fire. Players can use this to their advantage by either wearing down the Fire Wizards' health, or clearing out other weaker enemies in the room to thin down their numbers. The same trick can be pulled off if there are Ice Wizards in the room as well.
  • Ice attacks, when available, are very useful against Fire Wizards. Besides their obvious damage advantage, Ice attacks can also freeze Fire Wizards, who can then be knocked into a chasm by the player for a quick kill. The player can also use the trick mentioned above with Ice Wizards if there's no Ice items available.
  • Equipping the Protector's Plate or the Dragon Armor will nullify the Fire Wizard's fireball spread shot spell, making the encounter a lot easier (though strangely, the Rainbow Armor doesn't have the same effect). However players would still need to avoid his meteors.


  • Version 1.2:
    • Fixed the bug which caused wizards to play the death sound effect twice.
  • Version 0.9:
    • Fire Wizard - Summons meteors to fall onto players and fires a spread shot of fireballs. Will teleport away when attacked.

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Wizard Buster

Kill 10 wizards +20% maximum mana