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Ghoul 2.png

Health ~ 150
Locations Dark Castle, Tomb, Dungeon
Notes Players must destroy the head on some Ghouls to kill them completely

The Ghoul is an enemy in Rampage Knights. It can be found in the Dark Castle. It can move relatively quickly, but has no ranged attack. Some ghouls will drop their head when they die (easily identified by a "!" above it). Players must destroy it by attacking it, otherwise the Ghoul will simply spawn again. A stronger version of the Ghoul, identified by it's grey rocky armour, red eyes and spiked head can be found in later levels.


  • Version 1.7:
    • A new and stronger version of Ghoul for the second half of the campaign.
  • Version 1.3:
    • Ghoul heads cannot be hit by melee attacks. You can kill them by stomping or dashing.