Giant Ent

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Health 550
Damage 5 - 15
Areas Courtyard, Dark Castle, Magical Forest

The Giant Ent is an enemy that can be found in the Courtyard, Dark Castle and Magical Forest locations. It is a relatively powerful enemy, with around 550 health (vitality) and 15 damage.


The Giant Ent has a melee attack, where it swings a club, causing approximately 14 damage. This can hit multiple times in quick succession. The Giant Ent may jump while attacking.


The Giant Ent is relatively slow moving allowing players to run away and avoid confrontation if the wish to. If a player attacks a Giant Ent, it will become angry (indicated by the presence of a lighting bolt symbol above it's head) and attack the player back. This makes 'hit and run' tactics a good way of dealing with the Giant, with players running up, attacking, then moving away again to avoid being hit back.

Related Achievements

Challenge Description Reward


Kill a giant None

The bigger ones fall harder

Kill 100 giants Damage vs giants +10%

Gravity is a harsh mistress

Drop 10 giants into a chasm Unlocks space helmet


  • Version 1.2:
    • Giants and large enemies reacts to banana peels.
    • Fixed bug where giants could be knocked-out when attacked with uppercut while frozen. Now wobble is triggered instead.