Give me the booty

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Give-me-the-booty.png Collect 1000 gold.

How to beat the challenge

Various pieces of gold on the ground.
Collect 1000 gold coins. These do not all need to be collected during the same run. There are a number of ways to collect gold. It can be found by opening chests, so players should lockpick any they see. It can be found by destroying items such as barrels and crates. For a full list of destroyable items that can drop gold, view the locations articles. Gold may also appear on the floor when all enemies in a room have been killed.

The Gold Rush event may occur when players pray at an Altar of the Ancient. This provides large amounts of gold, but is relatively rare. The Bottomless Pouch grants one gold for every room the player enters. The Pirate Sword grants one gold for every kill and item destroyed. The Curse of Midas curse will turn any food players collect into gold.

Players should avoid the Goldjaw item and Beggar curse, as these prevent the collection of gold.

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Sailing the seven seas

Complete Give me the booty, Open sesame and Early in the morning. Unlocks Pirate class.