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This page is about the enemy. For the room, see Goblin Wares.

Health 170
Damage 10
Locations Dungeon, Sewer, Gothic

The Goblin is an enemy that can be found in the Dungeon, Sewer and Gothic locations. The Goblin may appear with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using a Jump Attack (jump up and press the attack button in the air) or Dash Attack (hold attack button then press left or right) before they can be damaged. The Goblin is a relatively weak enemy, with approximately 170 health and 10 damage.


The Goblin has a melee attack, where it attacks using it's club. It also has a ranged attack, where it throws a throwing knife. This attack is relatively slow and can be dodged by moving out of the way or using the evade move. Both attacks cause approximately 10 damage.


The Goblin is a standard enemy that can be dispatched with relative ease. Using a Dash Attack is a good way of breaking the shields of multiple Goblins at once, allowing them to be damaged. Since the Goblin has both a melee and ranged attack, players need to be careful when in rooms with them, even if they are not close by. If players are facing Goblins with shields, they should try to destroy these quickly so subsequent attacks with deal damage.