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The gold counter in a player's interface.
Various pieces of gold on the ground.
Gold is currency that players can collect in Rampage Knights. It can be used to buy items from stores which may be found randomly while exploring the world. The amount of gold the player has is shown in the top left of the screen. Gold-Counter.png Players will keep the gold they have collected when they die and respawn, but all gold is lost on game over.

Obtaining Gold

Players can get gold through a variety of methods. Lockpicking chests will often produce relatively large amounts of gold. Enemies have a chance of dropping gold when they die. Items such as crates, barrels and gravestones have a chance of dropping gold when they are destroyed. Gold may also spawn randomly on entering a room, or when all the enemies in a room have been killed.

Gold may be found in the form of single coins, or pieces of treasure such as goblets which are worth multiple coins.

Image Value
Gold Money.png 1
Cross.png 5
Goblet.png 5
Diamond.png 5

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

Give me the booty

Collect 1000 gold None

Uncle scrooge

Have 1000 gold in your pocket Start with 25 Gold.