Heigh ho, heigh ho

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Heigh-ho-Heigh-ho.png Have 7 familiars at once.

How to beat the challenge

To beat this challenge, players must have 7 familiars at once. The following familiars can be used:

The Warlock class cannot be used for this challenge, as familiars will refuse to join the player. Familiars can be found in chests, or bought from Goblin Wares, so players should try to explore side rooms and try to find these. To maximise the amount of familiars players can buy, they should try to acquire as much gold as possible. Gold can be found in Chests, on the ground after all the enemies in a room have been killed and by destroying decorations. The Pirate sword grants one gold for every enemy killed and item destroyed, the Bottomless pouch gives one gold for every new room entered and the Curse of Midas turns food into gold. Items to avoid are Goldjaw, which makes gold heal the player but prevents them from collecting it, and the Curse of Midas which turns all the gold the player is carrying, and any they come into contact with, into stone.


Familiars attack faster.