Ice Wizard

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Ice Wizard
Health 450
Damage Ice Shards: 6 + 6 Cold damage

Freezing wave: 11 - 13 Cold damage
Melee attack: 8 - 10

Locations Dungeon, Sewer
Immunity Cold, Stun

Ice Wizards are high rank enemies found in the Dungeon and Sewer. They are immune to Cold damage and cannot be frozen, making items such as the Frost Orb ineffective against them. Ice Wizards have approximately 450 health and attack the player with a succession of homing projectiles followed by an area-of-effect spell, both of which are capable of freezing the player, thus making them potentially the most dangerous among the 3 wizard-type enemies.


The Ice Wizard's primary attack comes in the form of 3 successive falling ice shards which will attempt to home in on the player's position (area of impact indicated by a red circle on the ground) followed by the area-of-effect 'freezing wave' spell. The shards deal 6 points of direct damage on impact coupled with an additional 6 points of Cold damage, while the follow up spell deals 11 - 13 points of Cold damage. Both attacks freeze the player on the impact, but can also cause friendly-fire to other enemies in the room. The Ice Wizard might also attempt to defend himself with a weak melee attack should the player gets too close. The Ice Wizard will teleport to another random location in the room either to avoid the player or after having received too many blows, making him a lot harder to defeat.


Ice Wizards are very mobile given their teleport ability, however they can also cause major harm by freezing the player and leaving them vulnerable to other enemies, therefore patience is essential in surviving an encounter with them.

There are several ways to deal with them, depending on how well the player is equipped:

  • Generally speaking, when the Ice Wizard is attacking, the player needs to keep moving to avoid the falling ice shards, then time their jump right to avoid the oncoming ice spikes created by the AOE spell. Once successfully evaded the spell, the player should rush to assault the Ice Wizard at once, then starts running again when he resumes the attack. Rinse and repeat.
  • Since the spikes summoned by the Ice Wizard's spell emerge from in front of him, the best way to avoid them is to get behind the Ice Wizard while he is preparing the spell, thus causing the spikes to miss the player completely.
  • If the player have flying capability in a room with pits, they can use the chasms to avoid the spikes by hovering above it, since the ice spikes will only cover solid ground therefore cannot harm the player in mid-air.
  • Having cold immunity makes encounters considerably easier as it nullifies the Ice Wizard's freezing capability. In this case, the player can largely ignore the ice spikes and focus on bashing the Ice Wizard, although they are still vulnerable from being hit by the ice shards and the Ice Wizard's melee attack.
  • Provided that they are available, Fire attacks can be used to deal decent amount of damage to Ice Wizards, the player may also follow up with thrown weapons such as poison darts for added effects.
  • When fighting multiple Ice Wizards, the player can lure them into hurting each other by standing near one when they are summoning ice shards, causing the shards to hit the Ice Wizard instead. The same trick can be used with the Fire Wizard's fire balls as well.


  • Version 1.7:
    • Freezing waves spawned by ice wizards (and thorn wave of the Slimehead boss) are stopped by pits and walls.
    • Fixed a bug where waves spawned by ice wizards didn't spawn on ground tiles created by Scroll of Builder.
  • Version 1.2:
    • Ice Wizards now attack less frequently, and will refrain from attacking if the player has been frozen.
    • Fixed the bug which caused wizards to play the death sound effect twice.
  • Version 0.10:
    • New Ice Wizard enemy - throws ice shards to heroes, spawns freezing waves, teleports away on damage.

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