Klaatu Barada Nikto

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Klaatu.png Kill 25 enemies cursed by the Book from the Cabin.

How to beat the challenge

A Skeleton cursed by the Book from the Cabin.
Completing this challenge requires use of the Book from the Cabin item. To use this item, players must first select it by using '1' on a keyboard, or the direction pad on an Xbox controller. It can then be used by pressing 'S' on a keyboard, or 'Y' on an Xbox controller. Using the Book for several seconds will cause one or more nearby enemies to be cursed. More enemies can be cursed by using the Book multiple times. Every hit a player performs on a cursed enemy will be a critical hit, causing significantly more damage than a regular hit. Since using the Book uses mana, any mana boosting effects such as the Power of Magic blessing will prove useful in completing the challenge quickly.


Unlocks Ash's face.