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Knight Enemy.png


Health 300 - 350
Locations Tomb, Dungeon

The Knight is an enemy in Rampage Knights. It can be found in the Tomb and Dungeon. The Knight may appear with or without a shield. Versions with a shield must fist be disarmed using two Jump Attacks (jump up and press the attack button in the air) or Dash Attacks (hold attack button then press left or right) before they can be damaged. The Knight is a relatively powerful enemy, with 300 - 350 health (vitality).


It has a melee attack where it uses its sword. This swings slowly, but can do so several times in quick succession. Before attacking, the Knight will swing it's sword back and hold it there for a short time.


The Knight has a relatively powerful attack, which is both quick and powerful. Because of this, players should take care not to get hit by it. One tactic is to repeatedly stun the Knight using multiple dash attacks. This will both break it's shield, and prevent it from attacking.