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The arena.
Legion defeated.
Legion is a mid-game boss that may be encountered after completing the Tomb.

The Fight

The boss fight will begin once the player has pulled the lever at the bottom of the room. Legion will then appear from a pit at the centre of the screen. Players must attack and damage Legion. When it's health falls to zero, multiple enemies will spawn. Players should try to kill as many as these as possible before they jump into the pit, and Legion reforms. The more of these smaller enemies that are killed, the less health Legion will have when it spawns. Once all the smaller enemies have been killed, Legion will be destroyed for good.



Spikes surround Legion and it spins around, following the player. When Legion begins it's spinning attack, players should run in a circle around it rather than attempt to run away. This will prevent the player from being hit, as Legion is quicker than the player but not as agile.


Spikes protrude from the bottom of Legion, at either side. Players should try to move out of the range of the spikes, or stand directly below Legion in a safe spot where the spikes do not appear.


Legion shoots multiple spikes. These move relatively slowly and are easy to avoid.


Legion jumps on the player, causing damage and knocking them to the ground. Players should try to avoid this by evading when Legion jumps, as the attack can hit multiple times when the player is knocked to the ground and unable to move away.


Legion spawns multiple eggs. Laser beams then shoot from these in a grid pattern, causing damage when touched. Players can try to kill some eggs before they produce a laser beam, meaning fewer beams are produced.

Further Hints and Strategies

Players can use the Scroll of Builder to simply cover Legion's pit and prevent it from reforming, essentially skipping the boss fight. If this is not possible, spells such as Magic Missiles can be useful, allowing players to cause damage while staying at a relatively safe distance.

Players should be careful not to get trapped in a corner by Legion, as this can lead to large amounts of damage with no way to escape.


  • Version 0.21:
    • Fights with mid-game bosses are not started automatically. Slime Head wakes up when he's hit for the first time. Dragon breaks through the wall when a dragon egg is destroyed. Legion is triggered by a lever. This gives the players time to prepare.
  • Version 0.20:
    • The last mid-game boss Legion has been added. (We set the chance to meet the Legion to 100% in this upate for testing.)