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Lockpicking allows players to open chests that may be randomly found in Rampage Knights levels. These chests can contain a variety of items, including treasure, gold, potions, food and weapons.

How to Lockpick

Walk up to a chest to lockpick it.
To lockpick a chest, players should walk up to it and press 'A' when
Lockpicking a chest.
using a keyboard, or 'B' when using an Xbox 360 controller. The lockpicking screen will then appear. Locks are composed of three components - gold pins, grey pins and wood. In the lockpicking screen, the lockpick moves over these components and players must press the attack button ('A' on keyboard, or 'X' on an Xbox 360 controller), moving the lockpick down and touching the component. Touching and pressing down all the gold pins moves the player to the next screen. Completing all two or three screens opens the chest.
Image Description
Spiked.png The player fails to lockpick the chest, and takes 10 damage.
Gold.png Pushes the pin down.
Wood.png The player fails to lockpick the chest, and takes no damage.

Some gold pins are connected together. If a player presses one of the gold pins, all those connected to it are pushed down too.

Once a player starts lockpicking a chest, there is no way to leave the interface other than opening the chest successfully or failing, or getting attacked and taking damage from an enemy. This means that players should kill all the enemies in a room before attempting to lockpick a chest.


Chests may contain treasure, gold, food, weapons and potions.


There are multiple types of chest.

Image Name
Chest.jpg Chest
Demonic-Chest.jpg Demonic Chest
Fancy-Wooden-Chest.png Fancy Wooden Chest
Golden-Chest.jpg Freakin' Huge Golden Chest

Higher tier chests are likely to contain better loot.


If a golden pin has a safe pin on one side (ie another golden pin, or wood) and an unsafe pin on the other (ie a grey pin), players should press down when moving over the safe pin. Even if they press too early, they will not take any damage.

Related Challenges

Challenge Description Reward

Open sesame

Open 20 chests None

Master Thief

Lockpick 200 chests Lockpicking always has only one phase

Steady hand

Lockpick 50 chests without fail +20% gold from chests